Bottom $

from by sign one



Coffee in my hand, feeling like a serpent
Zagging through bag people, and humans with purpose
Fresh off the bus stop, minding my business
Sweatshirt and backpack, I'm blinded by visions
Woke up this morning, stranger in the city
Face all pixilated, took to the streets
Faster than traffic, pedestrian magic
They say you can't have it, but gypsies have mastered it
Up to no good, plus I'm the Shit.
Stop for a quick game of 5 minute blitz
Got my ass whipped, it's veterans luck
But something else on my mind, it's better than drugs
I'm out for the Duck today, there's no doubt about it
I memorized my line and I'm about to shout it
It goes "gimme all your money mfcks yeah thanks"
You never thought you'd see sign one robbing that bank
Bad mf with a head full of eels
Stomach fulla butter knives
Fist fulla steel
And it's been about a minute since I manned a decent meal
Plus the 1 finga discount, that shit IS a steal!
You had enough life today? You threw in your skirt?
When worst turns to worse, you might be doin the dirt.
When verse hits the turf and fits the shoe and it hurts
The difference a day made, that's you in the works

We not supposed to be lifelike
My OGs still close to me, right Spike?
It helps to speak truth when the "borrowers debt
Is the only regret of your (my) youth" -fleet foxes
its the black and mild white stripe
For cash I'd be the last man to fight blight
Used to move every 2 now your two houses bout to be out
From under You, who needs proof?
peace to all my backpackers, wack rappers,
crab apples, fact checkers, Best respect
no better master plan than hand to mouth,
Unless your still living check to check
A beer and a shot goes to the boss of the year
Who can't count the handouts it cost to get here
He's procrastinive (a word?) taught the kid to shave face
Running these raps like we rats in the same race
Like "hey dad, I wish we had the same rates"
We borrowed our debt and our death at the same pace
And the homies : "live long and prosper"
Teach all the shit that I should have taught ya

But that's when it hits me, at least before I hit 50
That I'll be leaving this city and learn to walk like a gypsy
Down to beaners (what's bigby?) this life can't last long
All I ever wanted was to write that rap song


from Bottom Dollar, released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Endemik Music Montréal, Québec

Independent hip hop and experimental label since 2001.

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