from by sign one



Beats and rhymes
Sign one speaks his mind
Grabs the mic, and freezes time
Oh y'all taping? Please rewind
I got beats yo I'm stacking like a crip
But emcees is actin like a bitch
My deejays a (No)show off.
Cuts cold I froze ya clothes off
It's getting hot this year
I try to rhyme the same
Hope we don't get blamed for climate change
Either way the end is neigh
It's a good thing my friends is fly
Cold world/ fat goose or north face
Rich folk/ big hats for horse race
And now the cops got tanks
Ands there's no gold in the back of the banks
They said the streets don't sleep
So we stayed awake
While they played PlayStation
We played 808s
When survival was a matter of fact
Interest on loans, but I'd rather get jacked
Cause it pays in endorphins
Gen dead they stays in they coffins=
Plugged to the backs of necks
And (. >>>>) still cashing them checks


from Bottom Dollar, released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Endemik Music Montréal, Québec

Independent hip hop and experimental label since 2001.

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