Come Fly with Me

from by sign one



Ok party people
Let's get down to business
I'll try to keep your attention
Excuse my persistence
But this is, an example
Of good folks done gone bad
Like me here on this mic
I think I brought the wrong hat
How I'd rather be bangin on drums
Than dragging my thumbs
With Neanderthals on mopeds
Got my flags and my guns
In a standoff with God sun
At the top of the mountain
Where I'm like "gimme my dreams back
That I dropped in the fountain." -goonies
yo here we go again folks
Ima state my case
You don't like the way it looks up here?
You should break my face
Or we can stand in silence
Or we can vote me off the island
Or maybe we would get more mileage
Outta resorting to violence
Yeah here it is party people
In the place to be
You done paid to see me rap>
I get disgraced for free
So if you see me lookin sappy homie
After the show, you better
Buy my crew a round of drinks
Or ask me to go
But if I leave I'm headed to the rooftops
I'm done with the couch life
I live it for the finer things
The gun in my mouth
Tighten ya nooses if ya know what talkin about
Come fly with me
(I am not your equal.. Meaning your equivalent)

Sign ones a nasty bag of human shit to a beat
When the time comes to gas me? Dag.. Will you forget to retreat?
And cop your poison of choice, you better make it super-sized
Fuck it. Gimme a lethal dosage doc, I need to be euthanized.
Mind numb, blind from why the real live die young
Always happens on holidays, and if it's not: it becomes one
To be marked on calendars and then forgotten with guilt
That's why I'm laughing in the face of God, and rapping on stilts.
Come fly with me

All these life like impulses keep on forging our signatures
and I'm not sure if we're not dying just to be watching our figures
And everybody wants to be all depressed, try it.
In my opinion being broke is still the best diet
I never stopped talking to God, but not forsaken his patience
That's how I know I'm not a coward, but I'll never make it to face him
But you can write the final chapter right after you learn to fly
Man will never fear the laughter, and never conquer the sky
So while they paint your portrait and hang it on the wall at the bar
They'll know you did it to be free, that's why they made you A star
Send me a sign about the state of things here after I'm gone
But don't consider me a martyr, for how I'm ending the songs
Come fly with me


from Bottom Dollar, released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


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