Cultural Vibe

from by sign one



Stepping to the record shop
Half of this punk rock (vinyl addicts)
Seem like we all get along
Activists! (gunshots)
Just came from the flat black (and circular)
Pockets full of fat caps
Even with the meansteaks
Versace with that cat scratch
Y'all can see them rap cats
Only when the tides low
87,88, the cultural vibe show
Pop up in the tape deck
Call up the request line
Jason staten, raging bull
Y'all can spit your best lines
Gather round the park bench
Cypher with the village cats
Before adenya, ETC had the illest raps!
Summertime, walkin with gazelles no fat lace
Got ups on the overpass, haters got the gas face
Around the same time is when I got my first taste
Of ASR-10's and started jackin all the drum breaks
And rappin for the funds sake
Fuck keepin it focused, right?
I met DJ RUCKUS at the open mic
Who knew the breaks that I'd like
And exactly when to get it in
That Mexican kid said "he like the white Eminem" (true story, about me not Steve)
Cut to coffee shops up in the winter that's packed sun
Sweaty artsy chicks and they are ready for some action
Girl I gotta go I catch the catabus the east side
We mob a lot of mustangs, but ain't no fucking free rides
There used to be a bench here, the cops abolished it
What up to all the gutter punks, I stop in for a hobbit stix
Or maybe some midevil with my second favorite deejay
I "smack".. it, like "that ass up" And bounce and catch a replay
And walk around the corner on some hoodie head nod shit
Or holler at the hot chicks and catch up on my gossip
"He rock girbauds?" "I didn't mean to laugh at ya" "been looking for abs,
He been sent back to Africa" Damn!
I never knew the dude the type to rock the gun
But hey, at least now I know how fast officer Lum can run
Doubles on Mars attacks, singles at the smoke shop
You can call me pop rap. Ima call you folk rock
We on the porch, we never miss a rap city.
On tusk ones couch we FIRE CODE CAPACITY

I've been walking around in circles tryin to find my friends
Until then, I'm listening to 89 FM
It's deejay tony tone, DJ BENNY BEN
On Saturday night my friend. It was on 89 FM


from Bottom Dollar, released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


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Independent hip hop and experimental label since 2001.

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