Grown Raps

from by sign one



ladies and gentlemen, you are now rocking with the veteran
Tell your friends, tie your shoe, take your medicine
Let's all listen to the poets that's relevant
My name is sign I'm in the place with this mic
And if the taste isn't right then I'll replace it with hype
We sick and tired of these so-called rappers
Fittin to cold call crackers and grow bald backwards..
And bring it back come rewind.. We like to rip mics
Do it all the time, this is our time. Like they said :
"This is our show"-conshus
got somewhere's to be? You got no where else to go?
Shouts to the west coast. Shots to the moon
Been fuckin with the best folks it gotsa b soon so
Throw your hands in the air! Hey! (Ho!)
make some mfkn noise Let's get that shit out the way,
cause I don't play that. Been rhymin since way back,
even did back ups on the big payback7 inch vinyl
(I wrote lyrics on the back of the record sleeve)
Na I'm lyin I'm not Lionel I just still dig the wax it just feels to be primal
I'm at the dollar box. Bargain or not.
I see the homeless cots Give that man all that I got $
That's why I stays broke but you can bet I stays fed,
Big Chef on the mic, wack emcees: stay in bed.
They said I'm gettin older. I said "don't matter, they boring"
Cause I'm from back when cartoons was only Saturday morning
Now we all strung out on instant gratification,
"how ya want it I got it"-mikeg Unless you're asking for patience.
Jerk Circuit. Shouts to the hooligans
We rockin baggy pants they boutsta b cool again
Cause what goes around comes back around we figure
(And)"now we got white kids callin themselves niggas" no
The mic rock tho, the main ingredient
That goes for standup poets and slam comedians
And deejays who prerecord sets to be broadcasted later
When they pretend to take requests
And this goes out to real rappers rap with finesse
The crowd is waitin for queues I don't feel moved. Or blessed
Graf writers/b-girls only ones left who ain't been
completely bought out by Big Businesses (YET)
Save a couple of paydays....
I'm Saving my cliches so maybe someday I can say
"Peace to the God".
On his birthday.


from Bottom Dollar, released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


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